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Lafarge aims to be the undisputed leader in building materials. Lafarge's core values of respect, care and excellence have accompanied our success for over 175 years.

The undisputed leader in building materials

Lafarge is committed to:

  • offering our customers the best in innovative materials and reliable products and services,
  • reinforcing our position as the world leader for our suppliers, employees, customers and shareholders.
Milaki plant, Safety month 2009

Milaki plant,
Safety month 2009

Principles of Action

The Lafarge Principles of Action inspire the behavior of Lafarge employees around the world. Their basis:

  • Undisputed leadership in building materials
  • Upholding commitments to all stakeholders
  • The Lafarge Way



Respect, care and excellence

Respect, care and excellence - these core values are inseparable from the Lafarge culture. These values - which Lafarge sees as crucial to its long-term leadership - have been formalized in the Lafarge philosophy, known as the Principles of Action.

Volos plant, Safety month 2009

Volos plant, Safety month 2009

The Lafarge Way

The Lafarge Way is built on three pillars:

  • Making our employees successful
  • Continuous performance improvement
  • A multilocal organization

Respect for customers

Present in 64 countries, Lafarge is committed to understanding and serving the needs of its customers at a local level by using its experience as a global leader.

Customer Service

Customer Service

Care for employees and communities

Lafarge is committed to being a world leader in:

  • employee health and safety,
  • protection of the environment, 
  • social responsibility,
  • corporate governance.

Excellence in our work

Lafarge's success is driven by the need to achieve excellence - excellence in products, customer service and stakeholder relationships. Lafarge's management philosophy, the Lafarge Way, enables our people to develop their talents in a performance-oriented culture.

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Commitment to sustainability

Our products meet basic human need to construct homes and provide the basic infrastructure: the roads, the hospitals, the schools, the factories and offices that underpin our common life. Yet, business as usual is not a sustainable option for us or for the world as a whole. Together we must find a way of delivering the benefits of economic growth, while leaving a lighter trace on the earth. 

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