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Corporate governance

High corporate governance standards

Heracles operates under the highest corporate governance standards. Its internal structure consists of a six member Board of Directors, among whom the only executive member is the Managing Director.


The Board of Directors aims at the reinforcement of the long-run economic value of the company and the protection of its interest and is responsible, among others, for the development and implementation of the corporate governance principles. The Audit Committee reports to the Board of Directors and is comprised of three non-executive members, two of them independent.   


The management of the company lies with the Managing Director. He has an overall responsibility for the operational management and the performance of the company, within the framework of delegation assigned by the Board of Directors and the responsibilities provided by the law.


The Managing Director is heading a nine member Executive Committee, comprised of the company's General Managers. The Executive Committee has been established and is operating to contribute to the effective management and administration of Heracles.

Audit Committee

Three members constitute the Audit Committee, two of them independent non-executive members. The Audit Committee is responsible to:


  • Review the results of the internal and external audit examinations and ensure that recommendations made are implemented by management
  • Ensure independency and objectivity of external auditors
  • Evaluate the overall effectiveness of the internal controls systems

Transparency and efficiency

The company has embraced the strictest standards for transparency. Systems such as a sophisticated chart of rights and responsibilities, segregation of duties and a structured audit system and reporting tools, shape a robust internal controls environment.

Code of Business Conduct


Our Code of Business Conduct supports and accompanies the Principles. It is consistent with the global code of the LafargeHollcim Group but reflects the circumstances and legal requirements that apply to our business in Greece. It was first set out and released to Heracles employees in 2015.


The Code of Business Conduct sets certain standards of behavior for all employees and executives of the Group as well as for suppliers of goods and services. The code is designed to build trust at all levels.

Team Training

Team Training


The first level of training in our Code of Business Conduct was completed in 2011. This is a program that begun in 2009 and includes a full-day session of briefing, discussion and scenario-testing, to ensure the Code and its implications are understood. The second level which will run for the next two years is under planning. It will employ slightly different techniques appropriate to the target audience.

Combating fraud and corruption

Heracles Group takes combating fraud and corruption seriously. Heracles has an anti-corruption policy, the operation and effectiveness of which are audited annually. A telephone ethics hotline has been available to employees since 2005.


Heracles applies the Lafarge Group-wide Competition Compliance Program. Implementation is assisted by a network of country-based contacts, training and e-learning. The process is a rigorous one. In some cases it is carried out in conjunction with external lawyers. The Group uses real life simulations to increase the understanding of those involved. In all cases there is detailed follow-up to make sure that the lessons to be learned are taken on board. This includes not just legal staff but senior managers.


The group Sustainability Ambition is to achieve 100% of all significant business units being tested for compliance with the policy by 2010. Heracles has already been tested and is in compliance.

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Commitment to sustainability

Our products meet basic human need to construct homes and provide the basic infrastructure: the roads, the hospitals, the schools, the factories and offices that underpin our common life. Yet, business as usual is not a sustainable option for us or for the world as a whole. Together we must find a way of delivering the benefits of economic growth, while leaving a lighter trace on the earth. 

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