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Customer support

Technical advisors are available to give expert help on the application and properties of our cement products.


Regarding products orders, the Customers Support Helpline is available from 08:30am to 04:30pm Monday to Friday.

FAQ 1 : Technical support

Telephone: +30 210 2898111

FAQ 2 : Customer support

Telephone: +30 210 2898000

Fax: +30 210 2898887

FAQ 3 : Complaints

Telephone: 800 1142222

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Enhanced Cements

Heracles GCCo, pioneer in the differentiation of cement products in the Greek market, offers to the market the new enhanced reactivity cement series HeraclesTM Ενισχυμένο and BasisTM Ενισχυμένο. Driven by innovation for the development of materials and solutions for the construction sector, Heracles has implemented, for the first time in Greece, the innovative technology of separate grinding in the cement production. 

Industrial ecology

How to create value from waste

Large amounts of natural resources, particularly minerals and fossil fuels, are used to manufacture cement. For many years the Group has been working to reduce the environmental impact of its activities by finding ways to obtain value from waste products.

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