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Hydromedia™: New generation permeable concrete

Hydromedia™ is a concrete of very high permeability. It absorbs rainwater and facilitates its natural drainage, allowing the smooth supply of groundwater and the faster water management.

Lafarge with the innovative Hydromedia concrete offers:

  • Effective rainwater management
  • Reduced costs for flood control facilities
  • Better use of land
  • Ease of application
  • Durability
  • Aesthetic that combines color, practicality and environmental consciousness


Water is absorbed rapidly

The concrete and sub-base aggregates act as buffers when rainfall is very heavy, and help reduce concentrations of pollutants in rainwater.  


The material can be used to create a rainwater drainage system

Thanks to the permeability of the system, and the available storage in the underlying aggregates, rainwater is diverted away from the urban drain system. The surface remains practicable, and the wastewater drainage and network does not become overloaded.  


Stored water is returned to the ground soil

The soil breathes and maintains a normal level of humidity. Living soil is more able to remove pollution from the water that passes through it. In an urban environment damp ground soil retains its loadbearing capacity, but when it dries out it can present a hazard for buildings.  

Hydromedi: New generation permeable concrete
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