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Heracles has been the pioneer in the differentiation of cement products in the Greek market, with a diversified product range of cements, addressing the different needs that the customers have in different applications.

Enhanced Cements

Driven by innovation for the development of materials and solutions for the construction sector, Heracles has implemented, for the first time in Greece, the innovative technology of separate grinding in the cement production. This innovation has been realized in the Volos plant, supported by the Technical Center of Lafarge and our Product Development Center.


Separate grinding technology increases the reactivity of clinker, the basic component of cement. As a result, the enhanced cement series HeraclesTM Ενισχυμένο and BasisTM Ενισχυμένο, compared with the cements of conventional technology, offers to our customers and end-users enhanced properties that bring value to their applications: more strength, better workability, fine finishing. They are ideal for the Greek weather conditions and coastal areas, giving greater durability to any construction.


The investment for the separate grinding project in the Volos plant is €2.1 million. It includes new and upgrading existing machinery and electrical equipment in the cement grinding and storage lines, while there is - at a second phase - the provision for the expansion of the project. The innovation of separate grinding upgrades the plant and its position, both in terms of domestic market and exports activities.

Bagged cements

The company offers to the market the bagged cements: AthlosTM suitable for mortar application (brick laying, rendering, screeding, etc) and HeraclesTM white cement suitable for plaster application (final layer) and all concrete applications, when white color is required. 

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