Research & Innovation
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Innovation and research are major levers for developing materials and solutions able to respond to the challenges of the construction industry and ensure that construction is ever more efficient and sustainable. We analyze the market needs to design new solutions and respond to these specific needs, creating value for our customers and growth for our business.

Innovation in Research

Innovation is at the heart of our action, supported by our research and development facility, the Country Development Lab. Long established in Greece (under the name EKET) as a research facility, the Country Development Lab is dedicated to fundamental and applied research, bringing together researchers and experienced scientific staff from various disciplines. With state of the art laboratory equipment, it is organized around three fields: Concrete and Aggregates, Analytical chemical lab and Materials Microstructure, while it is among the most advanced European laboratories in cement testing. 


The Country Development Lab had a pivotal role in championing, developing and testing with our customers innovative new processes in cement manufacturing that resulted in our HeraclesTM Ενισχυμένο and BasisTM Ενισχυμένο cement products with enhanced performance characteristics.


Our differentiation in the market is driven by innovation. We have developed substantial technical expertise relating to cement, aggregates and concrete, allowing us to provide customers with technical support and services that are unique in the market. Moreover, as a result of this technical expertise, we have developed a market offer of differentiated and added-value products, covering all applications in the construction sector, from public works to decoration.


Beyond product innovation, we have developed solutions designed for specific parts of buildings, such as foundations, floors, walls or facades. They offer remarkable properties in one or more areas: cost, durability, strength, insulation, appearance, ease of application. They enable our partners - engineering offices and architects - to incorporate concrete solutions in the initial phase of their projects.

Innovative, Value Adding Concretes

Our customers do not simply buy products but their properties and the benefits they represent. Our innovative concrete and mortar Value-Added product series, aim to bring the right concrete for each worksite. These are the Agilia®, Artevia®, UltraTM Series and HydromediaTM product ranges. They are application-specific, tailor-made, not "one fits all" solutions, helping create cost-effective and durable constructions with high aesthetics and unique design.    

Innovation in cement: Enhancing its performance

We have been the pioneers in the differentiation of cement products in the Greek market, with a diversified product range of cements, addressing the different needs that our customers have in different applications.


We present the new enhanced reactivity cement series HeraclesTM Ενισχυμένο and BasisTM Ενισχυμένο, implementing for the first time in Greece the innovative technology of separate grinding in the cement production. 

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Reseach & Innovation

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