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Product Development Center

The link between applied research and industrial and marketing needs.

Customer Support and
Product Development Lab

The Customer Support and Product Development Lab was established in Greece as Heracles research laboratory (EKET). It is currently part of a worldwide network of technology transfer institutes, universities and research organizations in the field of building materials, helping the industry develop innovative solutions both in products and services. Its Research and Development activities are focused on the design of innovative building products as well as the improvement and technological competitiveness of the cement, concrete and building industry.


Dedicated to applied research, it brings together researchers and experienced scientific staff from various disciplines. With state of the art laboratory equipment, it is among the most advanced European laboratories in cement testing and development organized for cement, concrete and aggregates in the fields of physical/mechanical testing, chemical analysis and materials microstructure.


The lab offers its services to Heracles and to more than 600 local private and public organizations as well as to all Lafarge plants in Middle East and Africa.

Innovation at Lafarge

The Lafarge Research Center (LCR) at L'Isle d'Abeau (France) is the world's leading research facility in building materials. The research projects carried out are primarily related to energy efficiency of buildings, improving the environmental footprint and towards solutions for faster and lower cost constructions.

Core activities

The core activities of the Customer Support and Product Development Lab include lab and consulting services. It has acquired a broad experience related to innovation in cement production process, lightweight and high performance concrete mix design, non-destructive and durability tests on concrete, new products design quality troubleshooting, alternative raw materials, alternative fuels and waste stabilization.


Lab services

The laboratory runs tests of raw materials, cementitious, fuels, cement, aggregates, concrete and environmental measurements. It provides a comprehensive range of tests and services competitive on the global market given its experienced resources and the high edge technological equipment.


Consulting services

Its business scope extends from new materials investigations to product optimization and product development. It offers a wide range of consulting services covering products design focused on usage quality, market benchmarking, development and maintenance of quality assurance systems. Among others, it offers consulting services related to industrial property rights management.



The Customer Support and Product Development Lab is certified according to ΕΝ/ISO 17025:2005 assuring the compatibility of all its activities with European and International standards and the high quality of services supplied.

Indicative materials testing list

Clinker raw mix and fuels

CO2 content, TOC

Burnability studies

Coarse quartz grains @ 45 and 63μm

Proximate and ultimate analysis

Chlorine content

Ash softening point


Clinker, cement and concrete

Chemical analysis XRF

Heavy metals determination


Compressive and flexural strength

Sulphate resistance (ASTM C1012 & C452)

Heat of hydration (EN 196-9)

Quantitative determ. of constituents (prCEN/TR 196-4)

Microscopy exam. of clinker and cement

Rietveld XRD analysis

PSD by laser diffraction

Splitting strength

Rebound test - nail pull off

Rebar corrosion potential

Ultrasound velocity

Modulus of elasticity (ASTM C469)

Water permeability (EN 12390-8)

Chloride penetration (ASTM C1202)

Carbonation degree rate

Concrete investigation after fire


Cement raw materials and aggregates

Heavy metals determination

Bond/ BB10 grindability

Leaching tests (EN 12457)

Free and reactive SiO2

Pozzolanicity, activity index (ASTM C595)

Gypsum mineralogy (XRD, DTA)

Alkali agg. reaction (ASTM C227, C289)

Examination of agg. & concrete (ASTM C295)

Lightweight agg. evaluation

Optical microscope image of clinker sample

Optical microscope image of clinker sample

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