Sustainable Development
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Our priorities

Lafarge has set ambitious sustainable development objectives. The Group has committed itself to new objectives with clear deadlines and targets so all stakeholders can monitor developments in its performance.


With the Sustainability Ambitions 2012, we are putting people and the environment at the heart of our concerns.


Health and Safety

Safety is a core value for Lafarge and a top priority in all our activities.


We implement the Lafarge Group Health and Safety policy, which tolerates zero accidents. The stringent safety policy in place promotes a culture of safety and establishes Lafarge as one of the world's safest companies.

Climate change

The increased concentration of CO2 and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is driving climate change. The production of clinker, a key component of cement, is an energy intensive process.


The energy intensity of cement can be reduced by substituting clinker by other cementitious materials in cement production, or by substituting conventional, fossil fuels with carbon neutral, alternative fuels, such as biomass, which we use already in the Volos plant, where we also use natural gas in the fuel mix.

Protecting biodiversity

One of the key areas of our activity is raw material extraction for the plants. During the extraction process, it is our priority and objective to acknowledge the impact and mitigate the effects of our intervention on the natural environment.


Beyond the quarry's rehabilitation plan followed as part of the permit process, we apply the methodology developed by Lafarge in rehabilitating the quarry area. The objective of any quarry rehabilitation is to deliver to the community an area with enhanced biodiversity, depending on the pre-intervention its condition and improve the landscape following the intervention.

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Reporting on Sustainability Actions

The 2016 Heracles Sustainability Report constitutes the eighth consecutive annual publication and presents our performance and progress made in 2016. The report covers all necessary disclosures requirements for comprehensive in accordance to GRI G4.

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