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Volos plant - Cooperation for water use

Nature does not produce waste. In natural ecosystems, what is considered as waste for one organism may be a useful raw material for another. We apply the same principle, called industrial symbiosis, to our industrial processes for the reduction of natural resources consumption. Such an example is the joint initiative of Heracles Volos plant and a local soft drinks factory for water usage.  


This joint initiative aims at reducing natural resources consumption and decreasing the environmental footprint of both companies.


Volos plant consumes water for its direct use in the production process, sprinkling plant's roads and materials' piles for the fugitive dust reduction and for irrigation of trees and plants.
The plant consumes approximately 270,000 cubic meters water / year in its production process mainly for cooling needs, which evaporates into the atmosphere.


Heracles Volos plant reuses treated water from the soft drinks factory (cleaning of production lines and washing bottles). This figure amounts to 100 cubic meters water per day ie 30,000 cubic meters water a year by equally reducing the plant's requirement for groundwater.


The project's benefits are mainly environmental for both companies as well as the local community. Firstly is avoided the use of groundwater for an operation which does not require such water quality, thus preserving natural resources. Secondly, it avoids the rejection of waste water into the sea, protecting the environment. This is a sustainable practice for both companies, reducing their local footprint.

Heracles receives award for water management

Heracles receives award for water management


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Reporting on Sustainability Actions

The 2016 Heracles Sustainability Report constitutes the eighth consecutive annual publication and presents our performance and progress made in 2016. The report covers all necessary disclosures requirements for comprehensive in accordance to GRI G4.

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