Social Responsibility Actions

At HERACLES Group we participate in initiatives to support local development in the areas where we operate.

Faithful to its commitment to contribute to the strengthening of the social fabric, HERACLES Group has assisted in the efforts of the Greek State to address the refugee crisis. Responding to the call of the Refugee Crisis Management Coordination Centre, we provided building materials thus contributing to the construction of refugee reception centres in Attica, Malakasa, Ioannina and Kilkis. In this way we are effectively assist in the difficult task of supporting and relieving the refugees.

HERACLES Group once again demonstrating a high sense of solidarity and responsibility, we granted an area of 4,359.36 m2 in the Municipality of Chalkida for the construction of a new education centre that will house the Chalkida 26th Primary School. With this initiative we are fulfilling our commitment to take actions that improve everyday life and respond to the real needs of young people.

We have at the same time sponsored the reconstruction of the playground in Agria, Volos and Platanos, Almyros and the renovation of the premises, contributing both to the entertainment of their young and old visitors, as well as upgrading the quality of life for residents. It is worth noting that for this project, strict standards of European and international standards were observed with the installation of certified toys and the fencing with a safety railing by a certified company.

In addition, fostered by the main concern of contributing and facilitating young people to develop their knowledge and skills, we have signed a cooperation agreement with the University of Thessaly in order to offer support, training and know-how to young people, creating in this manner long-term benefits for everyone. Within this context, we have offered an annual scholarship upon the criteria of excellent academic performance, locality and family income to a qualified Engineer to undertake a Postgraduate Programme of the Polytechnic School of the University of Thessaly, consistent with our commitment to stand by the local communities and to invest in the public education of significant public groups such as young people.

LAVA, a subsidiary of HERACLES Group, within the context of raising awareness and educating the local communities in which it operates, organised for the students of primary and secondary education in Milos and Nisyros the educational and cultural program “The Sound of Recycling”, in collaboration with the Centre of Hellenic Music Heritage “LYRAVLOS”. The aim of the program was to inform and encourage students to actively participate in the recycling and reuse of materials and objects of daily use through the awakening created by ancient Greek and traditional music.

At the same time, HERACLES Group contributes with its products - cement, concrete and aggregates - in the improvement of local infrastructure as well as in repairs to school buildings and other public spaces.