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Basis™ Enisxymeno

BasisTM Enisxymeno is a Portland fly ash - pozzolan - limestone cement suitable for civil engineering, building applications, ready-mixed concrete and concrete products. In comparison with CEM I cement, it has higher sulphate resistance properties and a lower heat of hydration.

Basis™ Enisxymeno is based on Portland cement clinker with cementitious materials. According to ELOT EN 197-1, CEM II / B-M (P-W-L) 42.5 N is a composite Portland cement with strength category 42.5. Basis™ Enisxymeno conforms to the requirements of ELOT EN 197-1 and carries a CE Mark.



Contractual concrete production.

Marine concrete.

A moderately low heat cement to reduce the thermally-induced stresses in large pours.

Can be used in most applications, where CEM I Portland cement or CEM IV pozollanic cement are used.



Grey in color

Consistent strength meeting all the conformity criteria of ΕLΟΤ EN 197-1.

Compatible with admixtures.

Trial mixes are recommended to determine the optimum mix proportions.



Basis™ Enisxymeno CEM II / B-M (P-W-L) 42.5 N is available in 40 and 20 kg bags and bulk throughout Greece.



This product in bulk should be stored in sealed silo and the unopened bags clear of the ground in cool dry conditions. Information on the maximum storage period can be found on the bag.


Conditions of use

Basis™ Enisxymeno may be used for wide varieties of concretes.

To achieve optimum performance from Basis™ Enisxymeno in concrete or other products, it is essential to be used correctly.

Recommended mixes could be given from the contacts listed.

It is essential to use the correct materials, proportion and mix the materials properly, add the correct amount of water, compact, cure and protect as appropriate. When using Basis™ Enisxymeno cement, it is particularly important to ensure that effective curing is applied.

Normal hot and cold weather practice should also be followed.

The final finish quality of this material will depend upon the operative having the required skills and a familiarity with the material and its application methods.


Technical Support

Further information or specification advice on Basis™ Enisxymeno and the full range of Heracles cements can be obtained through the contacts listed.


Health and Safety

Contact between cement powder and body fluids (like sweat) may cause irritation, dermatitis or burns. Cement is classified as an irritant under the Chemicals (Hazard Information and Packaging Regulations)

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Enhanced Cements

Heracles GCCo, pioneer in the differentiation of cement products in the Greek market, offers to the market the new enhanced reactivity cement series HeraclesTM Ενισχυμένο and BasisTM Ενισχυμένο. Driven by innovation for the development of materials and solutions for the construction sector, Heracles has implemented, for the first time in Greece, the innovative technology of separate grinding in the cement production. 

Industrial ecology

How to create value from waste

Large amounts of natural resources, particularly minerals and fossil fuels, are used to manufacture cement. For many years the Group has been working to reduce the environmental impact of its activities by finding ways to obtain value from waste products.

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