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Lafarge Beton has an established presence in the Greek aggregates and concrete sector and works to reflect and anticipate the needs of the construction industry.


Agilia® is a self-placing, self-leveling concrete and was officially launched in the Greek market in 2008. Highly fluid, Agilia® spreads effortlessly. It can be poured quickly and provides a perfect, highly esthetic finish.



Hydromedia: New generation permeable concrete

Hydromedia™ is a concrete of very high permeability. It absorbs rainwater and facilitates its natural drainage, allowing the smooth supply of groundwater and the faster water management.


Decorative Artevia® concretes stand out because of their color and texture. Learn more about our range and let your imagination run wild!



UltraSeries™ is a range of ready-mixed concretes created to serve a broad spectrum of needs in the construction industry. This family of mixes is designed to give contractors increased profitability through improved productivity and serves end uses from building construction to road projects.


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