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  1. Artevia® Desctive in a parking station square

    The Platanos Parking in Attica's Kifissia is a 617 slots parking station, extending 6 levels below of a square.    

  2. The new logistics center of Lidl, in Thessaloniki, occupying an area of 60,000 sq. meters will be the largest storage facility of the company in Europe.     

  3. Villas in Crete

    In Crete, very close to the city of Heraclion, this complex of three luxury villas enjoys the panoramic views of the gulf. 

  4. Apartment buildings in Thermi extension

    Quality, esthetics and comfort are key requirements for apartment buildings.

  5. Diavata public housing, Thessaloniki

    More than 190 families in Diavata, a suburb of Thessaloniki, will have a new home in a newly build compound, which includes apartment buildings and open spaces for recreation. 

  6. School facilities in Heraclion

    The building of the 6th and 44th Primary Schools in Heraclion is one of the oldest and most historic in the city's center. 

  7. Lafarge's decorative concrete Artevia® Desactive at

    Lafarge's decorative concrete Artevia® Desactive was used at Thessaloniki's revamped beachfront.

  8. In a total surface area of 28,000 m2, the Kallithea recreation and Sports Park is the first part of the Faliron area redevelopment.

  9. Hydromedia™ for effective rainwater management

    HydromediaTM pervious concrete was selected at the parking lot of a new shopping mall in Thessaloniki.

  10. Artevia® Desactive at Smart Park

    The industrial aesthetic of the space and the innovative design matched perfectly with the aesthetics of Artevia® decorative concrete.    

  11. Agilia® at the Psychiko pedestrian bridge

    Self-compacting concrete Agilia® was used at the Psychiko pedestrian bridge.

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