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Our customers do not simply buy products but their properties and the benefits they represent. Our innovative concrete and mortar Value-Added product series, aim to bring the right concrete for each worksite. They are application-specific, tailor-made, not "one fits all" solutions, helping create cost-effective and durable constructions with high aesthetics and unique design.     


The self-placing, self-leveling concrete is highly fluid; spreads effortlessly, eliminating the need for vibration and provides an exceptional, highly aesthetic finish.     


A range of decorative concretes for outdoor and indoor applications. Artevia® concretes offer many advantages: excellent adaptation to complex shapes, quick installation and low maintenance, resistance to wear and tear, creative freedom with a wide choice of colors and surface appearances.


A new generation pervious concrete. Absorbs rainwater and facilitates the natural drainage of the soil, allowing the efficient management of rainwater. Hydromedia is an ideal solution for outdoor spaces such as parking lots, pedestrian alleys, pavements etc. Among its other benefits is the ease of application, its durability as well as its contribution to reducing costs for flood-preventing facilities. 

Ultra™ Series

A range of ready-mixed concretes and mortars created to serve a broad spectrum of needs in the construction industry. This family of mixes is designed to give customers increased profitability through improved productivity at jobsites, from building construction to road projects.    

New solutions, new services

Differentiation also means offering new services, so we are offering our customers a turnkey service of both supplying and applying our concretes. This is the "placing and finishing" service, in which we not only supply the concrete, usually flooring concrete - any type of Artevia®, UltraTM Series, HydromediaTM, but also undertake the placing as well, through specialized applicators, delivering to the customer a finished surface. Thus we are able to offer our customers a one-point contact for the entire project and better quality control during the application, while at the same time we are able to ensure the quality of the end result and the best use of our products.

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