AgroLava is the only natural Greek substrate for hydroponic crops. This is the most effective solution in service of the modern grower, offering excellent cultivation behaviour and increased yields combined with affordable costs. The advantages of agroLAVA pumice substrate are proven daily in greenhouses both in Greece and abroad. The product is distributed in pallets of planting bags or in big bags. The design of the bag was done according to the specifications indicated by a team of scientists from the Agricultural University of Athens in the context of a relevant research program, to effectively meet all the needs of plants and optimize the supply of water and air to their roots, during bag use.
Get to know the advantages of agroLAVA pumice substrate
  • It has a proven reduced risk of soil pathogen infestations compared to other substrates
  • Its structure does not degrade during cultivation, so it can be reused for several growing seasons.
  • It is a completely natural material without any industrial processing
  • Offers an ideal air / water balance to the plant roots
  • It is a chemically inert material so that the nutrition of the plant is completely controlled
  • It is very easily when it is to be reused
  • Discarded after use without causing problems to the environment
  • It has a stable quality and absolute purity due to the homogeneity of the pumice deposit
Learn about the physical and ecological nature of pumice

Pumice is a chemically inert, porous volcanic mineral, created by an underwater volcanic eruption in the greater Nisyros area. The porosity of the material is due to the gaps created by the escape of steam during the cooling of the lava.

Pumice, as a natural raw material completely environmentally friendly, presents without any chemical treatment, a stable quality due to the homogeneity of the reserve and the controls at all stages of the production process.


AgroLAVA is certified by the Ecolabel eco-label

AgroLAVA has been certified by the Supreme Ecological Label Awarding Council of the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change with the European Ecolabel. AgroLAVA is the first Greek product, which is awarded the eco-label in the category "Cultivation Means".
The Ecolabel reflects its eco-friendly characteristics and the added value it adds to its product.