History of HERACLES G.C.C.

HERACLES G.C.C. was founded in 1911 and is the largest cement company in Greece

HERACLES G.C.C. established cement as the dominant building material in the Greek market, thus strongly contributed into shaping the modern image of Greece. 

For over a century the company has been actively participating in the industrial development of the country and is contributing to the local economy in the areas it operates. It played a leading role in the reconstruction of Greece, since materials such as cement, concrete and aggregates served as raw materials into significant infrastructure projects throughout the country.

HERACLES G.C.C. also played a leading part in the international markets. Since the 1960s it became the first export cement company in Europe.

Today, as a member of Holcim, it focuses on Research & Development and works towards continuously improving its products, offering innovative solutions that increase safety, quality and functionality of the everyday life of society.