Green Solutions

HERACLES Group utilizes its high know-how in order to constantly chart new roads in the construction sector. Through modern "green" solutions it makes the transition to more sustainable constructions.

At HERACLES Group we remain committed to building a more "green" and sustainable world. With a passion for innovation, we drive developments in the industry by developing solutions with improved sustainability performance that contribute to more sustainable and climate-neutral constructions.

We utilize our high know-how and long-term experience in order to constantly chart new roads. We are constantly enriching our product portfolio with revolutionary products and solutions with a reduced environmental footprint throughout their life cycle.

Leading the future of sustainable construction, we bring change to the construction industry, with respect for the environment, society and man.

The cement of HERACLES Group with the highest sales in the Greek market now presents improved environmental performance.

The modern “green” solution of HERACLES Group for building and plastering.

HERACLES MASTER BLOCK, the new generation autoclaved aerated concrete, is a high-tech construction product with superior quality features that make it incomparable in terms of convenience, economy and applications.

The modern “green” solution of HERACLES Group for lightweight concrete fillings.

The sustainable solution for lightweight shotcrete.

The industrial raw material that covers specialized construction applications.

The first "green" series of concrete in the Greek market with a low carbon footprint.

The new advanced pozzolanic cement product CEM IV/B (P) 32.5N SR for increased concrete protection needs