Geocycle Hellas, a company of HERACLES Group, specializes in mixed green waste management, as it is gathered during the collection and cleaning of various public and private spaces, such as parks, squares, roads, etc.

Having a strong commitment in finding sustainable solutions regarding waste management, Geocycle Hellas contributes significantly to the well-being of local communities by promoting solutions that support the principles of the circular economy.

Geocycle Hellas, a company of HERACLES Group, invests in the sustainable management of mixed green waste.

In the case of local authorities in particular, the initiative of Geocycle Hellas responds to a major need in the field of municipal waste management. As a result of the limited waste management infrastructure and resources, the vast majority of green waste - especially tree trimmings - is mixed with bulky waste and, eventually, directed to landfills; thus, polluting the environment.

Geocycle Hellas, a provider of waste management services, with the use of the appropriate equipment, offers an alternative, sustainable and correct solution, in accordance with the principles of the circular economy, for the rational management of waste and the limitation of the volume sent to landfill.

At the same time, Geocycle Hellas contributes substantially to the prevention of fires by removing dangerous plant residues from forests and residential areas. In the last year it has managed and diverted more than 40,000 tons of mixed plant waste from landfill.

Geocycle Hellas is the leading provider of industrial, agricultural and municipal waste management services.