Holcim International Awards

The Holcim Foundation for Sustainable Construction is organising for the 6th year, the largest and most prestigious institution in the field of sustainable construction.



The Foundation has been promoting dialogue on sustainable construction through International Award competitions, academic forums and its publications since 2003.

The Holcim International Awards highlight projects and ideas from the disciplines of architecture, engineering and urban planning, as well as materials and construction technology that combine sustainable and cost-effective solutions with architectural excellence.

The event with a 2 million dollars prize provides the possibility for participation in two categories:

I. The Main Category is searching for leading sustainable construction projects by professionals that should be at an advanced design stage and have a high probability of implementation.

II. In the “Next Generation” category, students and young professionals up to 30 years old have the opportunity to submit fresh, bold and innovative ideas in a preliminary stage of study.

For more information and registration, you can visit the website:  www.holcimfoundation.org/awards/6th-cycle