Health & Safety


For all of us at HERACLES Group, the protection of our people's Health & Safety is a fundamental value that leads all of our decisions and actions.



Health & Safety is a value that includes those directly involved with our operations (employees, contractors, carriers, and partners) as well as those indirectly affected by them (local communities, customers, users of our services and products, builders). 

With that in mind, we are systematically working within an integrated R&D Management System (HSMS). Our efforts are bearing fruit as we are seeing our performance in H&S steadily improving during the recent years, whereby the culture of prevention has been established, which is reflected in the number of accidents that occur.

This progress imbues us with strength, but we are not complacent. We are aware that vigilance and continuous improvement are required in order to achieve our goal of eliminating accidents and diseases related to our activities.

And we will succeed!