Bee Our Hero 

On World Bee Day, we celebrate nature's heroes, we acknowledge the role of bees as the most important pollinators for the ecosystem and introduce them to the public. 

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Latest news
110 years HERACLES Group

We have been present for 110 years.

We support every dream of yours.

Every achievement.

We have been standing by every Greek for 110 years, inspired by your achievements.


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For 110 years we have been evolving, changing and leading developments in order to bring Greek society closer to the world we want to live. Our historical anniversary and the actions we implement for a better and more sustainable world for all are reflected in the website

Official Supporters of the Greek Paralympic Team: "Next to those who inspire us"

We stand "Next to those who inspire us", to the athletes of the Greek Paralympic Team who with their commitment, passion and perseverance overcome every obstacle to pursue their dream.

We set the safety of our people and partners as well as the protection of public health as a top priority. We do everything in our power to contribute to the national and global effort of slowing down the spread of the pandemic.

The new digital platform of HERACLES Group for communicating, sharing information about the latest developments in our industry and discovering together the possibilities and applications of cement, is live.

The trust in HERACLES is confirmed by our constant presence in both small and large scale residential development projects.

HERACLES Group cultivates an environment of excellence, respect and trust, where all employees feel empowered and truly believe in their actions.

Lafarge, a subsidiary of HERACLES Group, has established itself as a reliable partner in the concrete industry, putting innovation, quality and the intact aesthetic result at the epicentre of its activity.

At HERACLES Group we are constantly upgrading our cooperation with our customers, for easier, faster and simpler transactions. We are evolving our services, aiming to be constantly closer to you with just one click!

We make the support and the daily transactions with our suppliers easier, faster and more secure through this 24/7 digital platform.