Community Involvement & Consultation with Social Partners


We strive to operate with transparency, active channels of communication and in cooperation with our social partners. As a responsible and active citizen with a long history and strong local roots, we invest in our activities in the long run.

Firstly, we invest in the Health & Safety of our people, our most important asset. In neighbouring local communities, our activity implies our commitment to take an active role in their socio-economic development, especially due to the effects of the ongoing economic crisis. At local level, this means improving and supporting access to health services, education and participation in urban development and environmental conservation programs, as well as business creation while creating and / or retaining job opportunities.

Consulting with our local social partners is a cornerstone for us to achieve our business goals and supports the realization of our sustainability aspirations. Our commitment to local communities is supported by a methodology that focuses on awareness, dialogue and cooperation and is designed to create shared value for both our local social partners and activities.

Our products - produced from local resources, available on domestic and international markets, are significant to both our economic growth and the country’s overall development. Our company’s growth is closely linked to the local communities where we operate and their progress. We have made every possible effort to mitigate the effects from the market recession upon our activities, in this extremely adverse economic climate.