Biodiversity is in our DNA. We as HEARCLES Group, recognise how dependent and also in what extend, cement production and aggregate mining, can affect biodiversity and the surrounding ecosystems. That is why we systematically ensure that we have a positive effect on the environment. We work with nature in a transformative, rather than traditional way. By capitalizing on natural processes, endemic species and local adaptation, we strive to take into account the wider landscape and conservation context.

Holcim Group's strategy is committed to demonstrate a positive change on a global level regarding the protection of biodiversity.

HERACLES Group's sustainability goals are defined by the responsible management of quarries and their environmental restoration in a manner that contributes to the protection and promotion of local biodiversity. To this end, we have adopted the BIRS tool that contributes to biodiversity management. We are the first company to implement it worldwide, while its implementation will be completed in all our quarries. The fruitful results of our initiatives are our distinction on a local and global level, such as the Environmental Award and UEPG Sustainable Development Award for the enhancement of biodiversity in the Araxos quarry and the protection of the rare Greek endemic plant Centaurea niederi.