The modern “green” solution of HERACLES Group for lightweight concrete fillings

HERACLES Group has enriched its MASTER family of solutions by designing another innovative product with quality features that make it unique in terms of quality, convenience, economy and environmental performance, the “Naturally Strong” MASTER FLOOR. It is a natural, lightweight composition that utilises the unique physical properties of pumice and in appropriate mixtures provides an ideal lightweight filling concrete.

MASTER FLOOR is based on LAVA pumice, a completely natural resource which makes the product environmentally friendly by drastically reducing CO2 emissions throughout the life cycle of the structures involved. Pumice is a natural mineral that does not need heat to rise and expand in contrast with similar products on the market. In addition, as a natural raw material it also combines without any chemical treatment:
  • homogeneous quality
  • low specific gravity
  • high mechanical strength
  • high thermal and sound insulation properties
A “Master” in every technical comparison thanks to its innovative composition, MASTER FLOOR offers the following competitive advantages:
  • Requires a smaller amount of cement in the filling thus contributing to a significant reduction of building loads.
  • Needs less power consumption in terms of heating / cooling during operation of the construction.
  • It is reinforced against cracks with the addition of polypropylene fibres.
  • It is inert in contact with the reinforcement ensuring that the iron does not corrode.
  • Guarantees a technically and aesthetically perfect result on the final surface with just one layer of filling.
  • Produces significantly less dust during works thus improving health & safety conditions on the construction site.
The MASTER FLOOR product is available in 500 and 1,000 litre bags through the extensive network of partners of HERACLES Group throughout Greece, as well as in 20 litre packaging.



MASTER FLOOR indicatively covers needs for:

  • Levelling floors to be coated with tiles, granite slabs, etc. – without requiring an additional surface layer for tiling
  • Sub-base for coating roofs (drainage slopes, insulation)
Δοσολογία - MASTER FLOOR


MASTER FLOOR is mixed with cement and water on the construction site either in a concrete mixer or a plastering machine.

The material is pumpable and spreads with the usual techniques.