Board of Directors

HERACLES Group's Board of Directors seeks to strengthen the long-term economic value of the company and to defend the general corporate interest.


Among other things, it is responsible for the establishment and implementation of the principles of corporate governance in order to achieve corporate goals. It consists of six members, two of whom are executive.


Miljan Gutovic

Chairman of the Board, Head of the EMEA Region (Europe, Middle East & Africa) of the Holcim Group, non-executive member


Damien Rousseau

Vice Chairman, Head of Financial Services of the Holcim Group for the Region of Europe, non-executive member


Dimitrios Chanis

CEO of HERACLES Group, executive member



Jiri Juhani Kostka

Holcim Group Regional Director for Europe Legal Services for the Region of Europe, non-executive member


Irini Florou

Director of Legal Services and Corporate Compliance of the HERACLES Group, non-executive member