Code of Business Ethics

The Code of Business Ethics of our company supports and complements the Principles.

At HERACLES Group we operate with integrity and create an environment where transparency, accountability and compliance are found at the epicentre. Conducting business activities with integrity is our fundamental principle that guides us and allows us to operate successfully in today’s difficult environment and maintain our leading position in the building materials industry.

It is everyone’s duty to act with integrity and be responsible for compliance. This is our commitment to all our customers around the world, our suppliers and our colleagues. Business excellence and integrity are a prerequisite for the continued success and viability of HERACLES Group.

The Code of Business Ethics of HERACLES Group was created to ensure that we are equipped with the necessary tools, resources and information to make the right decisions. It highlights the expected behaviour of all our employees and partners. Although it is not possible to cover every business situation, it includes several examples, while demonstrating the spirit in which we act. We rely on the fact that all our employees, without exception, act with integrity on a daily basis. We are very proud of our products, operating standards and people. We hold a leading position in our industry and this entails that we must all embrace both the opportunities and the responsibility in accordance to this position.

HERACLES Group is committed to creating value for all its social partners. We accordingly expect both our people, and also our partners and suppliers, to comply with the local and national laws and applicable regulations.

With the main concern of maintaining the good corporate reputation of HERACLES Group, we are concentrating our efforts on ensuring the integrity of sustainable business practices.