HERACLES Group, a member of Holcim, holds a leading position in the Greek building materials market. For over a century, our priority has been to be the preferred partner of our customers, foretelling and covering every need in cement, concrete, aggregates and industrial minerals. Equipped with the powerful name and the "HERACLES" product line, the high know-how, as well as the global experience of Holcim, we offer reliable solutions that cover all applications in the field of construction.

For more than a century, HERACLES Group has played a leading part in major projects by covering every diversified need for cement, concrete, aggregates and industrial minerals.

The manufacturing structure of HERACLES Group includes the production of cement from the Group’s two factories in Volos and Milaki, Evia while also holding active quarries and mines throughout Greece.


HERACLES GCC was established in 1911 and is the largest cement company in Greece.