Alternative Fuels & Raw Materials

At HERACLES Group we use fuels and raw materials derived from industrial, commercial and municipal waste. Guided by the principles of Circular Economy, we work with industries that want to re-channel their waste and by-products, as alternative fuels and alternative raw materials in the production process.

In addition, we are a reliable partner of recycling units, diverting from landfills the recycling residue and specifically materials that can be used as fuels & raw materials in our plants.

Energy recovery of waste in the cement industry is the best environmental solution since it:

  • Operates in addition to recycling
  • Contributes to the Circular Economy
  • Produces zero waste
  • Destroys all the organic compounds
  • Leads to a reduction in landfill
  • Helps avoid incineration
  • Leads to a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Saves non-renewable natural resources
  • Enhances the competitiveness of the industry
  • Strengthens the local economy