Circular Economy

Our strategic priority is to contribute to the sustainable development of our planet by saving non-renewable natural resources. For this reason we utilise the waste that would end up in the landfills as fuel or raw materials, responding to the global challenge for optimal waste management.

The Circular Economy is a key pillar of the global Sustainability Strategy for the Holcim Group. Within this context we treat products that complete their life cycle as resources, redefining their character as raw materials for other processes or industries.

At HERACLES Group, for years, we implement the rules of circular economy in our plants. We substitute fossil fuels industrial, commercial and municipal waste recycling residues, as well as agricultural waste, thus contributing to sustainable development.

HERACLES Group uses fuels and raw materials derived from industrial, commercial and municipal waste.

We apply the rules of “sustainable waste management” to the waste generated by our factories.

We specialize in mixed green waste management, as it is gathered during the collection and cleaning of various public and private spaces (parks, squares, roads, etc.)