Companies of HERACLES Group

HERACLES Group, a member of Holcim, is the largest cement producer in Greece, having more than 110 years of presence in the industry. 

For over a century our priority remains the same. We aspire being the preferred partner of our customers, always forecasting and serving their every need in cement, concrete, aggregates and industrial minerals. Our powerful name combined with the reliable "HERACLES" product line, the high expertise, as well as the global experience of Holcim, are recognized as our competitive advantages.

With a network of 34 operational and commercial facilities across Greece, the HERACLES Group is leading the transformation of the construction industry in a less carbon-intensive one, that applies the principles of the circular economy regarding the use of resources. We supply the Greek and international market with innovative products and sustainable solutions that meet the diverse needs of customers and the requirements of modern sustainable constructions.

The companies of the Group – HERACLES G.C.C., Lafarge and LAVA – have linked their name with high quality and aesthetics, innovative solutions and excellent service.

Cement in Greece is interwoven with the name of HERACLES G.C.C. It is the largest cement industry in the country and has contributed to shaping Greece's modern image. Since 1911, HERACLES G.C.C. has been a leading company in the most essential projects from road networks and bridges, to airports, ports, hospitals and schools. With a range of bagged and bulk products, the company meets the highest demands of different needs and projects, while at the same time offers continuous exceptional technical support.

Lafarge, having developed significant expertise in concrete, has established itself as a reliable partner that focuses on innovation, quality and aesthetically satisfying results. The company offers diversified products and smart value-added solutions that cover every application in the construction sector, from the largest infrastructure projects, to architectural decoration applications. Another element that differentiates Lafarge, is the unique services and technical support it provides to customers. The “Installation and Finishing” service, undertakes the application of special concrete with specialised installers.

Counting more than 60 years in the mineral sector, LAVA operates in extracting, processing and trading pumice, gypsum, pozzolan and silicate. The company offers diverse and innovative solutions to constructions, geotechnical projects, agriculture and manufacturing. It is one of the most dynamically developing companies in its sector, with significant export activity.

Geocycle Hellas is the leading provider of industrial, agricultural and municipal waste management services. Geocycle applies the advanced technology of "co-processing" and utilizes the infrastructure in the cement industry for the sustainable solution of the modern challenges related to waste management. This practice allows energy recall and material recycling. Geocycle manages more than 10 million tons of waste annually, thus contributing to the promotion of the circular economy and the transition to a planet without waste.

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