Products & Solutions

HERACLES Group offers innovative products and advanced value-added solutions, capable of covering any construction need from the largest infrastructure project to decoration applications.

Cement is the binder material and key component of concrete and mortar.

Lafarge, a subsidiary of HERACLES Group, has established itself as a reliable partner in the concrete industry, putting innovation, quality and the intact aesthetic result at the epicentre of its activity.

HERACLES Group utilizes its high know-how in order to constantly chart new roads in the construction sector. Through modern "green" solutions it makes the transition to more sustainable constructions.

Aggregates are materials that remain chemically inert, contrary to cement and water, which lead to the hardening of the concrete by their chemical action.

LAVA, a subsidiary of HERACLES Group, produces raw materials for our factories and Industrial Mineral products that cover a wide range of needs.

Holcim globally supplies cement for oil and gas extraction through 12 plants operating in 10 countries.

HERACLES Group has been operating in the solid fuels market since 1985 with a leading position in Greece and a significant presence in international markets.

HERACLES MASTER BLOCK, the new generation autoclaved cellular concrete, is reinventing the way we build.

We develop innovative products and solutions, always putting our customers at the centre of our strategy.