Agilia® is self-compacting and self-levelling concrete with high performance in speed and ease of application. It is extremely fluid, injects quickly and spreads with great ease. These properties of Special Agilia Concrete contribute to the economy of each project, while at the same time making it an optimal solution for constructions with dense reinforcement or high-height moulds with a final highly aesthetic result.


<p>Πεζογέφυρα Λεωφ. Κηφισίας στο Ψυχικό</p>

<p>Αθλητικό Κέντρο στην Μασσαλία</p>

<p>Absolute World Towers στο Οντάριο, Καναδάς</p>


Agilia® significantly improves worksite conditions:

  • Thanks to its fluidity, it eliminates the strenuous stage of vibration. This improves the conditions on the construction site since the material easily penetrates into sections with very dense reinforcement.

  • It reduces the noise on the construction site, which is a nuisance for both employees and locals and generally improves the safety conditions on the construction site.

Today, Holcim is the only production company in the world that is able to manufacture self-compacting concrete with a distinct name, guaranteed and consistent quality.

In Greece, Agilia® Special Concrete has been used in projects with high requirements and complex constructions, including the pedestrian bridge on Kifissias Avenue in Filothei, Attica.

The special requirements of the architectural design in combination with the construction difficulties of these requirements imposed the concreting solution with Agilia®, which rendered the use of conventional concrete prohibitive. The self-compacting and self-levelling concrete Agilia® was the ideal solution that fully met the high demands and project specifications.