Quarry Rehabilitation

At the HERACLES Group we have set as a top priority the restoration of the quarries in a way that far exceeds the required standards.

The gradual reduction, wherever possible, of the height of benches to 5 meters, the change of the final slope so as to improve both the remodelling and the visual effect, the creation of nurseries for the supply and fulfilment of the needs of all quarries with trees and flora bushes are some of our well-established practices.

On the island of Gyali, inhabited only by people who work for the pumice quarry of LAVA, a subsidiary of HERACLES Group, we remodeled an area of more than 2,000 m2 into a vineyard of more than 500 vines that produce both white and red wine, in order to improve and reshape the visual effect and create an extra incentive for our people.

This initiative was very well received by the employees of the quarry, while some were involved in their spare time, helping to maintain the ‘local’ vineyard of which they are particularly proud.