We implement the Rewarding Program “RELATIONSHIP ON SOLID FOUNDATIONS” with our main concern of developing long-term relationships of mutual understanding and trust with our customers and partners. It is a program of unique privileges, gifts and training, specially designed for professional craftsmen and building materials traders who consistently prefer the leading HERACLES products.


The aim of the “RELATIONSHIP ON SOLID FOUNDATIONS” Program is to consolidate the image of HERACLES Group as a preferred partner of its customers, as well to increase the satisfaction levels of the final buyers-craftsmen towards the construction materials distribution channels.

This Program rewards craftsmen for their dedication and consistent preference. By collecting points they have the opportunity to participate in lotteries for great prizes, such as cars, TVs, tablets, while at the same time we are offering many other smaller prizes.

At the same time, we actively support partner retail outlets by providing gifts and training opportunities. In addition, we offer the cooperating stores a competitive advantage that differentiates them from the competition and strengthens the image of a "selected reliable partner" that has a fruitful cooperation with the leading company in the industry.

Those interested, have the opportunity to register online for the Rewarding Program “RELATIONSHIP ON SOLID FOUNDATIONS” by filling out the relevant form on the new interactive platform of HERACLES Group