Faliro Bay

Another major project, amounting to € 150 million, started with our contribution with the aim to upgrade Coastal Athens.

The main construction works include the transverse relocation of Poseidonos Avenue, hydraulic and flood control sonstructions, as well as various supporting works.
More specifically, a section of Poseidonos Avenue road axis shall be relocated towards the sea in order to achieve the integration of the urban area with the coastal front. In addition, the uneven junctions of Syggrou, Kifissos and Paleo Faliro will be remodelled, while the existing tram line will be accordingly adjusted. It is also planned to restore the continuity of the pedestrian - bicycle route network in the area, as well as the creation of a metropolitan park with respect for the environment.

This major project will breathe new life into Coastal Athens, while at the same time it aims at providing effective flood control as wells as an environmental upgrade to the wider area.