University Campus of Western Macedonia

HERACLES Group undertook, after a relevant competition, the supply of cement for the construction of the new University Campus of Western Macedonia in Kozani, the largest - under construction - building project in Greece for 2017.

The project includes constructions concerning external and internal road networks, networks for water supply, sewage and rainwater drainage, transformation of the surrounding area as well as building facilities. In total, the complex that concerns the teaching areas includes: 15 classrooms, 13 laboratory rooms, 2 computer lab rooms, 2 teaching auditoriums and 3 seminar rooms.

In particular, the Administration building has been developed five levels above the ground with a total surface area of 5,376.98 m2 and a basement level with a total surface area of 2,187.85 m2. The educational building complex consists of a reception and office building, as well as two identical buildings with laboratory and teaching areas. The reception and office building has a total above floor surface area of 3,171.23 m2 and the basement of about 711.27 m2. The laboratory and educational buildings consist of two levels and are similar to each other with the total surface area of the above-ground floors estimated at 8,024.22 m2 and the basement at 4,252.01 m2. The total gross surface area of the buildings above ground is estimated at 16,572.43 m2 and the basements at 7,151.13 m2.