Smart Park

The Smart Park discount park is one of the largest shopping centres in Greece, located in the Spata region of Attica. This is the first hybrid discount park in Greece occupying over 91 hectares, 3 of which relate to green spaces. Approximately 11,000 m2 of this area is covered by Artevia® 
Desactive decorative flooring.

The industrial aesthetics of the area and its innovative design perfectly matched to the aesthetics of Artevia® decorative concrete floors. At the same time, due to high traffic in the area, the requirements in terms of durability were increased and project managers were looking for a reliable solution that would not wear out over time and therefore require frequent maintenance. Artevia® Desactive met both all the specifications of the project and the expectations of the responsible engineers, ensuring economic application in the long run, high durability and aesthetics. The non-slip surface of Artevia® Desactive makes the floor completely safe for the user while, remaining comfortable for walking.