Supplier Portal


Supplier Portal is the 24/7 digital platform of HERACLES Group, used for the information and the communication with all its suppliers. It offers access to useful information for cooperation and transactions with its suppliers 24 hours a day, easily, quickly and safely.

Without any restrictions and in real time, at any day and time they wish, the Group's associates have the opportunity to:

  • Check and modify their data
  • Check the purchase orders that have been issued
  • Submit and monitor the progress of their invoices

The Supplier Portal platform by HERACLES Group was specially designed, aiming to provide multiple benefits to its suppliers:

  • Instant access and communication 
  • Acceleration of the invoice registration process thanks to the ability to check the status of invoices in real time and avoid any mistakes, duplicates, postal delays
  • Cost avoidance compared to the "hard copy" based process
  • User-friendly interface with interactive menu, report filters and downloadable files
  • Guaranteed security in transactions

All the HERACLES Group' s suppliers may directly and easily access the Supplier Portal, following the steps below:

  • Send the contact details of the responsible representative of their company - name, surname, email & phone - to
  • Receive an email with the needed information from where they should click on the link: "Click here to activate your account".
  • Fill in the password they desire.
  • Read and accept the terms and conditions.

After the completion of the process, the suppliers of HERACLES Group may browse the platform at any time through the link